Probably all students try to solve assignments with as little effort as possible — they collaborate, they look for avialable solutions in the Web, they ask others for help.  If it comes to larger tasks like writing a semester paper, a thesis, or …

Should Switzerland be more like the US?

In a Swiss newspaper article (NZZ), one of the prorectors of the University of Zurich (Ottfried Jarren) argues that Swiss universities should have more assistant professors.  These assistant professors should be with tenure track to be more attrac…


To get even more confused about titles in different countries: Sorry, but the “Link” does not work in the moment:

Why no “me” in PhD

How do you handle that in the US?

Food for Thought

  I saw this and instantly thought of our group and our trip.  This quote couldn’t be more true!  I hope to reflect more on this as we are in Europe.

Rules: the TWO Sets

This world in which we lived is governed by a set of rules.  Or perhaps more accurately two different set of rules.  The first set of rules is a set of facts that we have come to understand about the … Continue reading

Higher Education in the US: spendings = quality?

I just fund this article. Not very encouraging…