Zurich July ’12

The Global Perspectives Graduate Deans program ended on Friday in Lugano and I traveled back to Zurich for one day prior to my return to the U.S. As I walked around Zurich today, I could hear the voices of GPP … Continue reading

Global Deans

In a recent blog, I wrote about our individual pathways and the Tour de Academe.  On Sunday, July 22nd our individual pathways converged in Paris and our collective journey started.  And now, the week-long Graduate Deans Global Perspectives program ’12 (GPGradDeans) … Continue reading

An Earthquake in Online Education?

Online education was one of the big topics of the 2011 Global Perspectives Program. It was omnipresent in our discussions about access to and within information. Our claim that access to higher education can significantly be improved echoed a lot … Continue reading