Mother dearest

Most of you have heard me mention my mom before in the monthly meetings and it may seem silly that at 25 my mom is so concerned about me, etc.  I’m an only child and she’s always been very over protective and she is scared to death that I’m going to go to Europe and […]

Designing Tomorrow’s Campus

At the University of Basel a very interesting and important project is run. The project is called ITSI, which stands for Integrating IT-Services in Teaching and Learning. The first phase of the project aimed at finding out how IT-technology was … Continue reading

Hello everyone!

I have finally managed to set up my blog! Hooray! I would like to say it is such an honour to be a part of this year’s GPP program and I’m looking forward to meeting all of you.  

Dear GPP 2012 participants

My name is Stephanie, and I am currently writing a PhD in international environmental and human rights law at the Basel Faculty of Law. I am very glad that I had the chance to learn about this project from a … Continue reading

The Linguistic Future of Politecnico di Milano

Newsflash courtesy of The Chronicle of Higher Education: Italian University Plans to Teach All Courses in English April 17, 2012, 2:27 pm Milan’s Politecnico University has sent “shock waves” through Italy’s higher-education establishment by announcing that beginning in 2014 all its courses will be taught in English, reports The Independent. A growing number of courses and degree programs are taught …

Train Tickets to Zurich Booked!

As some of you may know, Matt, Jessica, Jennifer and I will be spending a few days in Rome before we come to Zurich to begin the Global Perspectives program. We have already booked a hostel and earlier this week … Continue reading

Ciao a tutti!

Hello to everybody! I’m Maria Broggi and I’m doing my PhD in Immunology in Basel at the Department of Biomedicine. Last month I went to the GPP Input seminar to discover what GPP was. I was impressed by the enthusiasm … Continue reading


Dear all, my name is Annalisa Bonifacio and I am a PhD student in Pharmacology and Toxicology in the University of Basel. I am very happy and excited to be part of the GPP 2012 and I am looking forward … Continue reading

…dear all…

hey everybody, here is Annalisa writing! I’m an italian PhD student in Basel University Hospital. I came to Switzerland three years ago to start a challenging experience enjoying some biomedical research! I’m very happy to have the possibility to participate … Continue reading